Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's better now.Just a small post

Yeah.. I do, now everybody no one perfects. And i will keep being a Fashion Bloggers who cares, if everybody said me anything! :) I'm feeling better now. I'm feeling better just i listen my favorite song at Grammy Awards.. so fresh! Hahaha.. it's 21 GUNS by Green Day. I can't upload the video in here. But it's okay.. you should watch the Grammy too. :D

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sadly.. :'(

I Lost My Bird. My bird hate my blog :'( It's was a sadly news. I Know i'm not populer or a famous bloggers.! But i do! I Can do it. So just please..

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's my story . (more,deep)

Hey folks! It's been monday! wow.. time is looking so fast now. Yesterday, i just have a hard sick, and i had a flu. -,- it's so not well folks, i just must take a rest and eat a soup!
Today, i want to talk more deep about my life...
Here we go!

#. I . MY FASHION FACTS! It's my really secrets,. LOL :p

1. I just love to wear some classy, and everything about vintage.
2. My style : Vintage Soft Feminime and Vintage Rock 90's. So, i can be more 'lady like' and i can be 'edgy'. That's my statement
3. I Hate to wear eyeliner
4. My Inspiration!! ELVIS PRESLEY, AUDREY HEPBURN, KESHA ( for her, super edgy style. It's so 90's )
5. I Hate long skirt. ( i mean, i like to wear skirt, but not to short and not to long.)
6. I'm never wear a high heels. -,- but i will wear that.
7. Love a flat shoes. Most my Suede Oxford shoes from LA.
8. I think the online shop is the best shop in my life! HAHA.
9. I'm never go to SHOPPING but i always go to TAYLOR. HAHA
10. All of my dress and clothes are my design, but just my bag and shoes, i buy it or it's a give. :)


1. I LOVE GOD, Family, Friends, and my crush.
2. I'm a most have a E score for my MATH test! HAHA
3. i Don't like a selfish people
4. I love a nice girl. I love my friends, actually that's my brothers friends, but i know her. She's Deafani Perdana! I heart you.. you know what she's so kind to me
5. I Love sushi
6. I Love my bedroom
8. I Care about my BFF
9. I Really really love my crush.!
10. I don't like chocolate, soft drinks, and sugar!
That's all!

I must study!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010